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We break the software cycle down in four steps: Architect, Build, Audit, Renovate. We help you at every step.

Software Architecture

We create the plans for your project. How your product or app will be built, and how the right stack will address your needs.

Careful planning solves problems before they arise. Most people skip this step. Our clients are always glad we don't.

Building Your Product

You have a plan, it's time to execute on it. We have a strong, full team of developers and designers ready for the job. We spend time understanding your business needs and end-users, so that we can create a user-friendly, secure and scalable product.

Products built by Goveni have earned our clients over $500 million USD in revenue in the B2B and B2C spaces. Our track record speaks for itself.

Software and Compliance Audit

You have an existing product or app and wish to better understand its technical architecture, security and/or compliance. We audit your full stack and provide you with a clear, understandable report you can share or execute on.

Our audits can cover your application's security, performance, or regulatory compliance and we take into account not just the code, but the business as a whole.

Whether you need a simple penetration test, or a full audit for ISO 27001 compliance, we have you covered.

Software Renovation

Your existing product needs updates, new features or a makeover. You have security issues to fix, or improvements to make. Our team is here to assist.

We help optimize your costs, fix your security issues, improve your software's performance, or simply execute on an audit! No matter the problem, you're in good hands.

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